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Health Simulation Technician/Simulation Clinical Instructor (part-time)

Start Date:  ASAP

Job Summary:  The Simulation Technician is responsible to assist with the overall usage, maintenance and upkeep of the supplies, medical and simulation equipment, computers and audio-visual equipment for the Health Simulation Center in collaboration with the Health Simulation Coordinator.  The Simulation Technician will provide support used in simulation for NIACC health programs, health continuing education classes, recruiting events and courses offered in partnership with local agencies.  The Health Simulation Technician may facilitate simulation activities for the health programs.

Salary and Benefits:  Hourly wage for this position is $32.76 hourly.  Retirement benefits as provided by Social Security and IPERS or TIAA.

Materials Required:  

  • NIACC Application Form
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Names and contact information for three references
  • Transcripts (unofficial copies acceptable)




Physical Responsibilities:  Position involving working in an office and acute care facility setting.  Occasional (10-33%) standing, pushing, pulling and grasping.  Frequent (34-66%) reaching and viewing a computer and other types of close visual work.  Constant (67-100%) sitting, walking, repetitive motion, talking and hearing.  Some lifting as well.  Will need to be active for up to 8 hours a day.

Qualifications:  BSN required.  Current RN license from Iowa or from a state recognized by Nurse Licensure Compact.  Three years work experience as a nurse required.  A strong desire to learn, flexibility in working with changing environments, and the ability to adapt to change.  Experience with technology and willingness to learn.   


Assists to maintain the day-to-day operations of the simulation labs for use by all students and NIACC faculty.
Serves as a resource for students for simulation lab related activities. Able to assist NIACC faculty with the orientation activities for each course or simulation scenario in the Health Simulation Center. Welcome people of all backgrounds and experiences to provide a supportive learning environment to promote learner success in the Health Simulation Center.
Serves as a resource for faculty for simulation lab equipment and technology. Work collaboratively with faculty and staff from NIACC to renew, administer and evaluate simulation activity within the disciplines and across the curriculum. Participates in simulation education and demonstrates ongoing expertise and competence in the use of simulation. Assists with tours and college-wide vents involving the Health Simulation Center.
Ensures that all supplies, equipment, media, computers and materials needed to replicate virtual healthcare are available and all equipment and simulation technology are at optimum operating levels with the assistance of the Health Simulation Coordinator. Be able to utilize all equipment (i.e, manikins, manikin computers/SimPads, IV pumps) allocated for the simulation lab. Performs basic maintenance or repairs of equipment. Reports any equipment problems to the Health Simulation Coordinator.
Performs minor repairs or coordinates the repair of lab equipment as needed with the Health Simulation Coordinator. Arranges replacement of broken equipment as needed during the simulation. Coordinates the ordering of consumable lab supplies in cooperation with the Health Simulation Coordinator. Tracks and manages consumable lab supply inventory for each simulation scenario. Assists in the research of purchasing options for lab equipment and software. Ensures that supply and equipment storage areas are clean and organized.
Prepares the simulated clinical settings to facilitate student learning in the simulated environment. Prepares scenario props (i.e, simulated medications, simulated body fluids) are present according to the Scenario Development Template. Creates moulage to model physiological responses in a scenario. Stocks required consumable supplies and medications for each simulation activity. Assists the Health Simulation Coordinator to set up and restock and clean the rooms and simulation equipment after each scenario session. Ensures that simulated medication administration system is present and stocked. Reviews scenario forms (i.e., scenario development template, contracts, pre-brief worksheets, observation forms, evaluation forms) ensuring most current version and adequate amounts are available for student and faculty use.
Provides technical support to facilitate student learning in the simulated environment. Understands and reviews the basic programming of simulation scenarios to run the scenario effectively. Assists to update simulation software to most current version as needed. Willingness to learn the Laerdal software and the relatability of these systems with the NIACC domain.
Assists faculty to facilitate simulation scenarios. Prepares simulated clinical setting for scheduled scenarios. Prepares simulated patients (manikins and standardized patients) per scenario set-up instructions. Assists with the operation of manikin software during scenarios. Assists the faculty with the facilitation of the simulation-based experience according to the NCSBN Simulation Guidelines. Ensures a safe learning environment for students. Supports simulation activities in accordance with health program specific accreditation requirements. Voices the client during the scenario while collaborating with the faculty (content expert).
Takes-down and sets-up simulated clinical setting as needed throughout the scheduled simulation time. Assist to manage viewing and recording software. Restores labs, pre-briefing, and debriefing rooms to pre-scenario conditions after simulations. Collaborates with faculty to assist in the evaluation of the student during simulation activities. Ensures simulation scenario evaluations are complete for each simulation scenario. Communicates with program faculty to refine and update simulation activities.
Performs other related duties as required. Work a flexible schedule to provide support to all simulation activities including tours, periodic evening and Saturday sessions.
Perform in a manner which strengthens the coordination and cooperation of all organizational components of the College, including opportunities for student recruitment.
NIACC Core Principles: All employees are expected to adhere to all NIACC policies and procedures. NIACC administration, faculty, and staff value a positive working environment of mutual respect, therefore all employees are to maintain a positive attitude and respect for others when working with all NIACC departments, employees, students, partners, and the public.